About Us

Bowling for Brains was an idea that came to Stacy Zwerdling four months after surgery when she attended Humor to Fight the Tumor.  This is a wonderful event that raises a tremendous amount of awareness and funds for brain tumor research and patient services.  It just took Stacy more than four years of talking to friends and family about her ideas to get someone to give her the final nudge to put it together.  She credits Danielle Ritter!  In 2012 Danielle gave Stacy that boost she needed to get the ball rolling on Bowling for Brains and with Ashley Wiley they made it a reality with the inaugural Bowling for Brains event at Tuttle’s in April 2012.

Why Bowling for Brains you may ask? Answer: anyone can bowl, whether you are 1 or 100, walking or not, you can bowl.  Stacy feels fortunate enough to be here and fully functioning after having an extremely large brain tumor removed from her cerebellum.  She had a much more successful outcome than was expected from the tumor removal.  She wants to use her good fortune to help bring awareness and raise funds for brain tumor research while having fun bowling!

The goal of this event is to bring those that have been affected by brain tumors together and make the average person feel as though they are contributing to the awareness of brain tumors and the work of the American Brain Tumor Association (ABTA) through participating in the bowling games, silent auction and sharing the stories of brain tumor patients and survivors.